Dan Su

Hey there, I'm Dan! I am the founder and director of TrustAHost. I first came across blogging about more than 10 years ago. I developed great passion for online marketing and since then I exposed myself to different web platforms and web technologies. I started off with blogging back then and like many beginners, I did not know what CMS to use, which web hosting provider to go for and how to get my content to more people. To be honest I have had some good and bad experiences with web hosting. With the bad ones, I experienced some terrible performance on the site I have and from then on, I vowed to research extensively on the providers before I use them for my sites. For the past few years, I have friends, clients and marketers who always want my advice on how to generate traffic, leads, and where to find a trustworthy web host etc. This leads me to create TrustAHost, a review and rating platform where me and my team carry out extensive research on service providers such as web hosting, IT service, web designers, marketing agencies and other industries before providing recommendations to consumers and businesses. I do hope that the content we put out here will be able to help you find the hosting service, web builder, software, right service provider etc that you need. Do feel free and contact me or my team if you have any questions or stuffs you want to share! See you around!

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