TrustAHost Research Methology

Proprietary Rating & Scoring System to Rank Service Providers

TrustAHost (TAH) utilizes its proprietary algorithm and process ‘TAH Score’ to research, review, rank and award service providers and professionals in different verticals. The system is designed to help consumers and businesses identify the best, high-quality and trustworthy companies that they can work with.

The TAH scoring and ratings of service providers cannot be purchased. TAH Score uses different data points and a Leaders Matrix to calculate the ratings of each service provider.

  Consumers & Buyers:

Find a product or company in the list of service providers that are researched and reviewed by our independent team.

 B2B Service Providers:

Contact us to get connected to your customers. Build your credibility, get exposure and visibility on TrustAHost.

How Does TAH Score Work?

The scoring system takes into account 4 main factors in the Leaders Matrix to calculate the TAH Score including TAH Market PresenceTAH Competency, TAH Trust, and TAH Reviews.

TAH Market Presence​

Brand Awareness

How well-recognized is the company’s brand, the confidence and professionalism it exudes. The overall market share and presence of the company is also taken into consideration for the ranking.


This signal measures how much visibility the service provider has in various search engines, in different countries.

TAH Market Presence
TAH Competency

TAH Competency

Service Focus and Capabilities

Service providers are assessed by their ability to deliver high-quality service, and ranked based on their performance in servicing their clients.

Innovation and Experience

This signal measures how unique the company’s products and services are and whether the company is a new entrant in the industry or an existing competitor to others.

TAH Trust

Accreditations and Recognition

Service providers who have taken the efforts to educate themselves, upgrade their skills and attain additional business’ qualifications will benefit in this area of scoring.

Website Authority and User Experience

TrustAHost uses its Domain Authority metric to assess the website’s credibility, speed and prospect’s user experience. 

Location Consistency and Accuracy

We will verify that the company’s address and contact details are accurate by cross-checking with other local listing directories.

TAH Trust
TAH Reviews

TAH Reviews

Rating Algorithm

We continuously refine and improve our scoring and rating system based on feedback from consumers, businesses and service providers.

Reviews and Reputation

TrustAHost collects in-depth reviews of service providers from their clients, past work, Google reviews, reviews from third-party sites and companies that have worked with them. The reviews are then feed into the scoring system to provide an aggregate score.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

TAH Score is derived from our TrustAHost proprietary rating and scoring system and is used to rate the service providers.

  1. Independent researchers and editors will filter and shortlist the service providers according to their business location by following the review matrix.
  2. TrustAHost will then do an outreach to the service providers and through phone call, email, or social media to assess their service quality, professionalism, and how they conduct themselves. The clients of the company may also be contacted for us to collect feedback of the company.
  3. Last but not least, our system will generate a TAH Score of the service providers and we will list them on the location listing according to their industry or service they provide.

It will provide more transparency, helping consumers and buyers to assess a list of service providers easily before making an enquiry or contacting a service provider.

As there are many factors that contribute to the TAH Score of your company, what we suggest is try to improve some of the things below which can be easily worked on.

  • If you do not have a company profile yet on TrustAHost, contact us to request for an inclusion. With a company profile, it will add on points to the scoring.
  • Gather high-quality reviews from your clients or businesses you work with, and submit them to us so that they will increase the points of the scoring.
  • Update your contact details in directory listings to ensure they are consistent and accurate.
  • If you are listed in any of our location listings, we will contact you and you need to pass our verification process in order to get a Verified tag in the listing.
  • Increase your website authority and user experience by creating useful content, backlinks and improving the website’s speed and performance.

We collect reviews from service providers and clients of theirs, through phone, email, online form or social media.

Yes. Reviews are one of the criteria that contribute to the scoring. The quality, quantity and recency of the reviews all add up to the score.

We look at the criteria below:

  • Brand Recognition – How established is the brand and is it being recommended to others through word of mouth, and whether the company have a good reputation in the services they provide.
  • Geographic Presence ­– The presence and location of the company including headquarters and branches.
  • Social Media Presence ­– Does the company have good overall social media engagement and presence? Are they actively promoting through social media channels.
  • Visibility – Can the company be easily searchable in the search engines.
  • Company’s Experience – Has the company existed for many years or is it a new entrant in the industry. How many employees do the company have, the projects delivered and the value of the clients’ portfolio.

We look at:

  • Their capabilities in providing high-quality service to their customers.
  • The quality and industry of clients that the service provider works with.
  • The portfolio of the projects and services of the company.
  • The innovation, growth and evolution of the company.

Usually the company will need to purchase TrustAHost Featured Listings package to get its verification done, a review page, achieve greater visibility and enjoy other perks. However there may be a promotion campaign once in a while and in exchange for a partnership, the company will get the Verified tag free-of-charge.

A company will not be verified if it:

  • Has submitted fake or fraudulent reviews.
  • Has substantial negative credit ratings or is bankrupt.
  • Did not pass our background checks.
  • Is inactive in its business activity.
  • Is not an legally registered business entity.

We provide 3 levels of award: Titanium, Diamond and Platinum according to the TAH Score. The rankings of service provider in location listings are based on the order of awards, and their rankings will bump up if the company participate in the Featured Listings program.

One of our core values is building long-lasting relationships. We aspire to build one of the biggest networks and we want to be the medium to bring satisfaction to consumers and success to service providers. We DO NOT charge exorbitant fees for Featured Listings like some other platforms do. If your company is looking to generate visibility, traffic and leads to your business but can only allow for lower budgets, we are most willing to work with you and help you build success.